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Once a month an exclusive interim manager or trainer spotlight. Succinct, captivating mini-biographies that include: Unique selling points of highly qualified managers and other professional individuals, that will give you a taste of what you can look forward to in your search for highly skilled professionals.

Worldwide and unique describes the method of our exclusive introductions. Where most will simply slap a picture next to their bios, we provide you with a personal video "meet-and-great" so that you can get a fuller sense of who you have the potential of working with. Globally ranked executives agree: hearing and watching a future colleague trumps a single photo.

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Our recommendations deal with experts, specialists, - luminaries , if you will - in their individual fields of expertise. We endorse short-term managers and management trainers (among other experts) who have the ability to deal with companies of various shapes and sizes, that vary from specialty to specialty: at global levels and for ALL branches.

Your data and personal information will be handled with the same privacy and utmost respect as has always been practice by rent-a-manager®. It is ALL in YOUR hands, so take the plunge, or rather "click" and stay in the know and keep yourself and your company well informed. For the future of YOUR career and business.

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Look at our examples:

See what we have achieved in worldwide projects

Electric Motion Industry
In Asia with high speed out of the price spiral: I know how it ...
Differences in inventories after moving production
Details of a Data Warehouse reflecting the Total of the Company
Definition & implementation of launch management process including tracking tool for the automotive industry
Upsizing the current company operations in Malaysia by non organic expansion
Electronic Manufacturing/Electro Optics
Re-Organisation of an electronics SME company, following a successful 3 months ERP implementation.
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Turnaround and sale of the company
Cosmetic and Hygiene
Expansion to France and new market development
Architecture and Construction
Market entry Indonesia
Transfer of the contract at residual value to a subsidiary of the contracting party