Details of a Data Warehouse reflecting the Total of the Company



  • Customer:


  • Role:

    Project Manager

  • Location:

    North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

  • Turnover:

    not published

  • Time frame:

    12 weeks

  • No. of employees:


About the Customer

The client is a supplier in the automotive business and is regularly commissioned by German and foreign car manufacturers to develop and produce a core component for a new model. There are also other intelligent products. The success of the business is based on technological innovations, that pays off with the number of units produced per vehicle model.

Testimonial from Сustomer

What initially appeared to be a simple additional data warehouse application just for sales was ultimately a financial information system for the group. That was just what I wanted!” CFO on the project.

Situation (Challenge)

The sales departments are organized according to countries, major customers and products. The target was to set up a data warehouse with profitability results that would make information available to all sales departments worldwide.
For sales management it was important to know, which result the sales departments generated in the b2b business. Before there was no detailed information on this.

Solution (Achievement)

The heterogeneous wishes of the sales departments had to be brought into a uniform structure. The developed proposal was recognized by the finance department as relevant beyond sales and the project was taken over by the CFO as project owner.
The reporting structure was set up as a step-by-step contribution margin calculation. The required report lines had to be linked to the accounting figures.
For the development costs as a core problem in sales, which had to be earned by the number of units sold later, a solution for internal reporting (only) was developed to activate the vehicle model-specific development costs and to include them in the product result proportionally to the quantities sold.
The group’s IT department competently implemented the solution concept and also built up a history.
Solution long – on request.