Seasoned Manager - Finance

Mr. P. V.


Manager (Interim CFO in China )




Hindi, English


  • Over 25 years experience working in senior positions with banks, asset management, insurance and corporate world. Has worked globally in various jurisdictions including London, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Dubai, India and Singapore.
  • Managed IPO ($250 million for the Arab markets) and GDR ($70 million for the London and Paris markets) for the largest reinsurance group of the Arab world.
  • Provided tailored made investment solutions across different asset classes such as Equities, Fixed Income, FX and Managed Funds to private clients.
  • Handled all strategic and tactical matters relating to finance including financial reporting, budget management, treasury, risk management, cost benefit analysis,forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.
  • Actively involved in conducting pre-acquisition due diligence, structuring and valuation of strategic investments and acquisitions of companies in the Middle East / Europe as part of their expansion and diversification strategy.


  • Global Asset Allocation of multi-asset classes
  • Liaising with boards, senior management, banks, auditors and lawyers
  • Corporate finance, valuation, M&A and structuring of transactions
  • Treasury and risk management functions relating to investment and finance

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