Leadership is all about others. Turning out the best in your teams and achieving great results with them. Does this sound like a familiar quote to you? Well, it is because being a good leader can be simple when you know how to pay attention to your team members and raise them above their levels of achievement. It works le din sports it will work in business as well.

The ugly truth is that most managers fail at exactly this attitude. Most employees leave their jobs due to poor management.

Here are the most required skills that separate good from bad managers.

Great Managers love simplicity
As Richard Branson says: Simplicity is king. Complexity is the enemy.
Keeping things simple is the essential quality of good managers.

– keep your goals simple

– keep your approach simple

– keep your message simple

Working in a complex environment, you have to learn to keep things simple. If you fail to do this, you will be adding to an already complicated situation which will lead to misunderstanding and uncertainty and decrease your success.

Achieve big, but start small
Everyone wants to be part of a winning team. They want to achieve big goals and want to share the success as a team.
Big goals can be an inspiration that will engage your team. If you want your teams to achieve the big goals, you need to offer some small quick wins. This will create momentum and excitement.

Three priorities only
Please do not prioritize everything.  People are used that everything is a priority.  As a result, nothing is a priority. So keep them as low as three priorities.
In this way, you will make things simple for your teams and you. This will lead to a better understanding and make it easier for everyone moving in the same direction.

Communication the No 1 Leadership Skill
Most managers are missing out on this – they are terrible communicators. Communication is not about giving orders or feedback. Great leaders communicate in a way that their team understands. They keep any information simple and to a maximum of three goals or objectives. Why, because people will forget the rest.
Good leadership communication will create, transparency, trust, and consistency (see below). Never leave a meeting or presentation without reminding your teams of the goals and why it is essential to achieve them.

Good managers are transparent
Being open about your actions, goals and how you feel about the team and their performance will build trust. Reading these words, you must realize that transparency doesn’t involve hidden agendas. Hidden agendas will always kill trust. (in all walks of life, not only in business)

Good managers connect with their teams
Find ways to connect outside the office world. Social media is an option, and I can understand if you don’t want to go there for your teams.
However, create options for teams that they can inform you about things going on. It might not be easy for them to get in touch. So break the ice and start the conversation.

Good managers are consistent
Walk your talks and don’t change. Managers who change their mind, actions, and behavior will create doubt. Team members will become insecure about what you are expecting. They will pull back and wait before taking action and delay projects and goals. So be consistent in the way you plan, talk and act.


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