“Help by self-help” applies in most cases in daily private life and often leads to a solution of the problem.

On the other hand, in the case of a serious illness, medical intervention or drastic therapy is indispensable. Without them, the chances of survival can be very low. This is often associated with the abandonment of loved habits.

The same applies in the business world.

I often find that SMEs in difficulty have neither the know-how nor the resources to get back on the road to success without outside support.

For the support of an executive to be effective, the following prerequisites should be fulfilled by the management:

  • Understanding that external support is unavoidable. A commitment from both the CEO/owner and GL is obligatory.

  • Sense of Urgency if there is an urgent need for action.

  • Willingness to change, to leave the usual path and make sacrifices

  • Open for news

Unfortunately, I recently had to experience that the owner saw the need for my support, but was not able to assert himself with the managing director.
This put me in a lost position. My support ran into nowhere. A lot of time was lost unused.
Whether on my recommendation the exchange of the managing director will suffice is questionable. Time is running and the financial resources limited.

->[Interim] Manager helps companies in trouble back to success (Mr RJ)

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