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Many people are dreaming of working at home, due to the long commuting times or lack of concentration in an open space office. Now, because of quarantine, this dream has come true for many, and it suddenly turned out that focusing at home is also not easy: you get distracted by social networks, children, pets. And saving time on the road is leveled out by household chores: either cooking, eating, washing, or loading a washing machine…

And at the same time, the feeling that you are at work around the clock does not leave. How to make work from home productive and have time to relax?

✔ Set clear goals for yourself, if you haven’t already.
Only through the fulfillment of goals you will be able to show management that the format of the work does not matter and that at home you are still productive.

✔ Create a workplace for yourself.
Find a place where you are comfortable working, ideally a separate room where you can hide from households, but also just a table by the window can
be enough. So you will cease to associate the whole apartment with work and will be able to quickly switch to working mode in the morning.

✔ Separate time from work and rest. Set your working hours.
They may be the same as in the office, or different. It is important that you get a “hang up”, after which you no longer open the computer. During working hours, ignore household chores. How to reduce the temptation to distract? Set the timer for 45 minutes and work, and then rest for 15 minutes. Or use the Pomodoro timer: 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest.

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