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RENT-A-MANAGER- Martin Lerchner

About Martin Lerchner

Martin Lerchner was born and raised in the mountains of Salzburg, Austria. After attaining a diploma in Business he moved to Munich, Germany and entered the Information Technology (IT) industry. In his corporate experience Lerchner worked with and developed software applications for large companies such as BMW and Helvetia Insurance. He set up his own software development company with a partner and several employees, which he sold in 2003.

After the sale of his company Lerchner spent four years travelling the world, engaging in various social and cultural projects as well as spiritual pursuit. He lived on all the continents and invested in several business ventures, greatly expanding his global network of contacts and gaining enormous intercultural and business experience.

Lerchner returned to Europe in 2007 and began a new career in Strategic Consulting as Interim Manager. In 2010 he earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland. His MBA thesis centred on Holistic Leadership and Transformation. The constructed Think Tank for experts in Leadership 3.0 provides a platform for dialogue on relevant issues and a source for Interim Managers in a common spirit.

Martin Lerchner lives with his wife, dividing his time between Singapore and Germany.


SYNEDRION, a name of Greek origin, means “High Council” with a holistic character comprising deep spiritual insight and powerful worldly decisiveness.

“SYNEDRION stands for my being and mission to bridge the gap between vision and manifestation in business.”

“My vision for RENT-A-MANAGER is to become the largest Interim Management provider on the planet. We commit to give 100% in providing the highest standards to our clients in our RENT-A-MANAGER services.”  

– SYNEDRION Managing Director, Martin Lerchner