Enthusiastic developer, problem solver - automotive industry/supplier area (multiply by experience)

Mr.R. E.


Manager (available from december 2021 )


German/Finnish, living actually in Germany


English, German, Swedish, Finnish (maternal language)


  • Deep Motor-Sport back ground from GP-pilot in Motorcycles (today moto GP) from Data Engineer up to Race- Engineer with complete responsibility over whole strategy and connection between mechanics and pilot for technical improvements.
  • Team Leading, Management work combining different departments, even factories together.
  • Ability to create effective harmonic working environment.
  • Ability to make decisions and take responsibility in high-stress situations.
  • Experience to build up Teams from different countries from Continental Europe, Scandinavia up to China.
  • NVH Trouble Shooting based on different analysis (developed also myself) also for E-Motors.
  • Japanese Quality management.
  • Engine and vehicle development (Electronically Functions, Mechanical Development, Engine Balancing, Combustion, Durability handling, Vibrational-Management, Thermical Management, Suspension Development, Tyre-development, Analysis-Systems in NVH and Data-Recording)


  • Enthusiastic developer, problem solver with a great experience from the automotive industry and also from the supplier sector.
  • It contains outstanding knowledge about complete project coordination up to overall engine development, control unit function development and versatile NVH problem solutions.
  • Very deep experience in the field of motorsport, first as a GP pilot and my own mechanic until later as a racing engineer with modern superbike motorcycles.
  • Also experience from different cultures, most recently through a development coordination project in China, where I was first able to successfully solve serious drivability problems (including prototype parts from Europe) within a month.

Industry Priorities:

  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Car Industry
  • Motor Sport
  • Basically R&D and Development Area; Improvements in Production area. Problem solutions in Structures and dynamical behaviour.
  • Vehicle & Motor-Testing, to build testing systems in production line, Measurements inside motor (valve-temperatures in running engine for instance.

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