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What is the Return on Holistic Leadership in the Third Millennium?

shopimage001LEADERSHIP 3.0 defined

The nature of the whole of existence is defined in a three-fold pattern as body, soul and spirit. Naturally, in evolution is a development in time and conscious awareness from matter to spirit. In the same time, the whole spectrum is available in every moment.

There are situations when it is required to be an autocratic leader with a body-focus. A body mind and IQ is concerned with matters of security and profit. Other situations require a cooperative leader to act as coach to support her followers in finding the right way. This is the soul mind and emotional intelligence (EQ), based on feelings and focused on the personal growth of others. The threefold equation comes at last into balance with the spirit mind and spiritual intelligence (SQ). The spiritual potentials are mostly hidden in humanity, but increasingly showing up as a result of evolution and involution. The visionary leader is connected with the spiritual realm and higher wisdom. Their main topics are to realize the mission, to serve the world, to introduce new paradigms and to work out the ultimate purpose.



The author, Martin Lerchner, set up his first business in Germany at the age of 25. A few years later he sold it and moved to India, working as a volunteer for Mother Theresa’s Dying House in Calcutta. After that, he immersed himself into deep meditation, living secluded in the desert and in the Himalayas for many years.

In those years the foundations for holistic leadership have been created, which he scientifically worked out into a MBA Master thesis a few years later. This masterpiece graded “very good” with an outstanding value for times far ahead into the future, is now available as book. 

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