Facilitator & Trainer Sales

Ms. RR, China
Language skills
English (business fluent), Mandarin (native)

Ms RR works as a freelance trainer and consultant from 2014, she served at Dell China for over 10 years in 2003-2013 on various roles, including sales coach, sales manager, HR Learning & Development manager, Sales Training Manager and business consulting . Her functional focus areas are in the field of procurement negotiation and selling methodology.


  • 5 years experience of HR Learning & Development Manager as well as Sales Training Manager @ Dell China
  • Global MBA from Manchester Business School of Manchester University
  • 5 years experience of procurement @ FiberHome and sales management @ Dell China

Core Skills for you

  • Rich training development & facilitation experience and outstanding influencing skills
  • Sales coach and sales management experience
  • Business consulting experience to better understand clients’ pains and business needs

Selective Projects

  • Project manager and training manager to roll out Star Sales Program in 2005-2007 to Dell China Relationship sales teams, which is an evaluation + training/coaching + certification progam, aiming at improving sale proficiency/productivity and keeping them motivated and moving up on career ladder based on certification results
  • Project manager and Top One Trainer to roll out Solution Selling Methodology courses to Dell China Relationship sales teams (over 1000 salespersons) during Dell’s global transformation to be an IT total solution provider in 2008

Sector experience

  • Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics/Electricity

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