Management Consultant - Cost reduction & Risk management

Trainer Mr PP
Mr PP, India

Language skills
English (Business fluent), Hindi

Mr PP is a Management consultant  with 20 plus years of experience.  He is a  member of  various Institute Management Accountants . With  strategic  consulting  knowledge  and skills, he has successfully helped many originations in  performance  improvement, reducing cost,  improving corporate governance and risk management activities.


  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ,UK ( FCMA)
  • Certified Management Accountant-Institute of Management Accountants USA ( CMA)
  • Institute of Cost Accountants of India. -( FCMA)

Core Skills for you

  • Cost reduction – using techniques such as VSM, bench marking, value engineering etc.
  • Risk management – Development of risk management system across organisation.
  • Development of Corporate policies and procedures.
  • Internal audit
  • Corporate trainings

Selective Projects

  • Performance improvement projects  with use of techniques  such as VSM, rationalisation of suppliers , value engineering  , rationalisation of product  portfolio  resulted  in to significant  improvement   ( 50 % plus) in the turnover and profitability for an engineering  company.
  • Supply chain  improvement projects   for an  electronic company resulted in to significant  improvement   ( 25 % plus) in the turnover and  further profitability  increase than  normal.

Sector experience

  • Automotive parts , Engineering , Electronics , Pharmaceuticals , Biological  etc.

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