Consultant & Trainer in Performance Development and Leadership (Dr SB)

Trainer Dr SB
Dr SB, China

Language skills
English (Native Language); French & Italian (High Intermediate Fluency); Hindi (Business fluent); Mandarin Chinese (Intermediate)

Her educational background is in Organisational Development Psychology with an emphasis on Global mindset and change management (D.Phil, Oxon). Her main focus is in Performance Development through Action Learning, Organisational Development and Change Implementation in post-merger situations.


  • Doctorate in Organisational Development Psychology
  • Master Certifier in Action Learning & Coaching (Peter Cairo & David Whyte)
  • Master Certifier/Certified Coach in Chally, Lominger, Hogan, MBTI,  HBDI, Insights and multiple performance assessments

Core Skills for you

  • Optimisation of Human Resource & Organisational Development knowledge transfer processes and strategies
  • PROSCI/ADKAR Change Management Implementation & Assimilation Tools &
  • Use of ADDIE & 6 Dimensions of  Driving Learning to Deliver Business Results in analysing, designing and facilitating leadership curriculum for multi-nationals
  • Wide knowledge and use of Performance Development skills and ability to apply these to business contexts

Selective Projects

  • Interim Regional V.P. O.D. for a large M&A of 2 MNCs involving the deployment of change, assimilation between 2 differing organisational cultures and work-force reduction strategies.
  • Senior Leadership Facilitator on Senior and middle management continuous programmes regionally and globally

Sector experience

  • Medical, Chemical, Automotive, Power & Energy, Luxury Goods & Retail, Consumer Health, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality etc.

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