Trainer in Manufacturing improvement tools and Projects Management (Mr AL)

Trainer AL
Mr AL, Mexico
Language skills
Spanish (native), English (business fluent) French (Fluent)

Studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Veracruz, and  a M.Sc in Business Administration from The University of Estado de Mexico with the main area of Manufacturing Systems.

■    Certified Lead Auditor in ISO- TS 16949:2009 from AIAG
■    Certified Lead Auditor in GME (Global Manufacturing of Excellence) by Valeo Group in France
■    Certified on TPS (Toyota Production Systems ) in Japan by Hida

Core Skills for you
■    Training in Manufacturing improvement tools and Projects Management
■    GME Consulting in Quality, Lean, Projects, Supplier Development, Human Ressoucess
■    Auditing and Problem Solving for manufactuiring processes and Service sectors

Selective Projects
■    Training to Industrial Associations overseas. Monthly training in Lean and Quality methodologies to Industrial parks and associations, in Central America, with dynamic workshops on site, with high impact in efficiency. Review for advances to each workshop and advisory.
■    Manufacturing. Led Zero defect programs launched to become a Best in Class for customer satisfaction. Strong Problem solving methodology implanted all over the business unit to operator level to support the teams assigned in each incident to the level of autonomy.
■    Manufacturing. Led Kanban/JIT program launched to improve internal inventories, customer shipments and supplier management.

Sector experience
Automotive, Electronics, Capital Goods, Hydraulic Fluids, Service Sector

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