Manager Restructuring/Reorganisation, Turnaround, Optimization Projects, Controlling/Finance (Mr JA)

Businessportrait Mr JA
Mr. JA*, nationality: FR of Germany, residence: FR of Germany (Bavaria)
Languages: German, English

  • Proved experience in restrukturing/reorganisation, turnaround, optimization and change projects
  • >10 years managerial responsibility in industrial companies on executive level (Director Business Administration/CFO,
  • Director Controlling / Finance with commercial procuration, P&L responsibility from 35 to 250 Mio. EUR
  • High profound know-how for Controlling, Finance, Projects, HR/HR-Controlling with high operational/technical affinity
  • Success-oriented and also clear-thinking and acting both for strategies and operations („hands-on“)
  • Thinking complex and in total processes including distinctive ability for analyses
  • Power for implementation, assertiveness, with quick reactions, always oriented on targets and priorities
  • Great interpersonal skills combined with skills for moderation, motivation, negotiation and de-escalation


  • 3 projects for Restructuring/Reorganisation of BU‘s of international automotive companies (sales 200 to > 1.000 Mio
    EUR) including significant improvement/reduction of profit/loss (+10 to +35 Mio EUR), plants in Germany, USA, Poland,
  • Reorganisation Controlling of an international company including implementation of Project and Investment Controlling
    and related IT in 25 sites worldwide, investment volum of the company > 200 Mio EUR p. a.
  • Reorganisation process of business planning in an internationalen company (sales 350 Mio EUR), reduction planning
    period from 9 to 4 months

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