Hands-on Manager with vast international experience (Mr AF)

Businessportrait Herr AF
Mr. AF*, Austrian national currently living in Austria

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Russian (elementary), French (elementary)

  • Intrapreneur-type of general manager with university degree in economics and business administration
  • Vast international general management experiences (more than 25 years) in different industries (FMCG, pharma, building materials, food etc.), countries (Taiwan, Moscow, Budapest, Vienna) and life cycles of corporations (establishment, expansion, downsizing, restructuring, liquidation, due diligence)
  • Experienced to work/report in the environment of multinationals but also small- and medium-sized companies
  • Functional experience across various functions with emphasis on foreign trade, sales, strategy and marketing
  • Highly flexible and adaptable  with regard to new tasks, cultural environments and responsibilities enhanced by more than 5 years of  consulting work/intermistic management experience with ever changing project responsibilities
  • Experience in co-owning and selling successful businesses
  • Equipped with naturally born leader capabilities
  • Highlights:
    1. Market entry: On an exportbasis and/or by setting up legal entities in different countries and further developing them to become market leaders in their segments
    2. Crisis-Management: Profitably managing companies with turnovers of more than 300 Million Euro Turnover under extremely difficult circumstances
    3. Business development: Hiring and devolping 400 staff within 10 months for exploiting opportunities rendered by a newly created business activity in Russia

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