Bringing structure into where there was chaos (Mr HL)

Mr. H. L.*, German national, German Resident  
Languages: English, German, French          
Slogan: When you go onto a soccer field then you can decide if you want to play or if you want to win

  • Lived and worked in South East Asia out of Singapore (5 years), France, Finland, Greece
  • Frequent project related stays in the silicon valley (California/USA)
  • 17 years of semiconductor industry experience
  • Demonstrated capabilities as program manager in global restructuring projects
  • Realized cost reductions of 100M USD thru establishing a new S&OP process
  • Charismatic people manager and networker
  • Robust analyst and lean six sigma black belt
  • Recognised success in leading, coaching and supporting employees of all levels
  • High assertiveness – execution based manager
  • Fast learning and flexible to changing working and living environments
  • Industry: Semiconductor Industry

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