Manager - Business Development, Business Consolidation, Turnaround, Restructuring and Integration within M&A projects (Mr JM P)

Portait Mr JP P
Mr JM.P.*, French national, resident in France
Language: French, English (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

  • 20 years of successful experience in BtoB sectors in large international corporations
  • Cross functional skills with experiences in senior management positions in
    • Sales: management of USD multimillions sales team
    • Project Management: management of USD multimillions 3rd party projects
    • Sourcing: Chief Purchasing Officer experience in charge of a 450mUSD portfolio and a team of 85 sourcing staff located world-wide
    • General Management: up to 300+ staff with full P&L responsibility
  • Experienced in leading and managing international teams (Americas, Europe, Asia) gained through to both corporate roles and expatriations (4 expatriations: South Africa, Sweden, UK)
  • Visionary leader with a strategic mindset and a strong ability to understand markets, define strategy and build solid business cases/models (including competitiveness/operational excellence projects) to drive customer satisfaction and profitable growth
  • Achieved significant and sustainable
    • Top line improvements: ex. 14% CAGR through to new product introduction
    • Bottom line improvements:
      • From loss making to profit making through restructuring plan or change of business model
      • From « good to great » by doubling entity EBITDA profitability through to change of business model and definition & implementation of competitiveness project
  • Ex. Operational excellence improvements: from 65% to 95% OTIF through to continuous improvement (Kaizen) techniques implementation
  •  Effective in leading teams and managing change/transformation (ex. Turnaround through to restructuring, « good to great » projects to drive profitable growth, change of ownership including selling and integration processes and discussions/negotiations with the French unions)
  • Effective in developing and growing associates/talents 
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Former national level player in handball and in squash, marathoner

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