Industrial Manager - Production/Logistics; Organisation; Processes (Mr BL)

Businessportrait Mr BL
Mr. B.L.*, German national, Living in China
Language: German; English

Planning/Integration/Operation “Make it easy, make it better”

  • More than 25 years management experience from small start-ups companies to large multi-national corporation
  • Leadership in Europe, Turkey, China, as CEO, COO, Project manager
  • Projects up to 45 Mill € and leading off  130 workers/technicians headcount
  • Forming and leading of multi culture teams
  • Strong experience in effective tracking and trouble shooting
  • Ability to adapt in new and complex environment and technologies
  • Wide knowledge at many Industries: Automotive, food and beverage, medicine, steel production, refractory, plastics/film production, ASO.
  • Experienced to set up effective organisation structures, processes, material flow sequences and implement QM processes with international teams.

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