Projectmanager - ERP Projects (Mr. S.H.)

Businessportrait Mr SH
Mr. S.H.*, French National, Living in Malaysia
Languages: German, English and French fluent

  • 20 years global industry experience.
  • More than 45 successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations worldwide, including Singapore, China and Indonesia.
  • Successful reorganisation and process optimisation of EMS company, successful automotive post-merger integration
    o    JIS (Just In Sequence) Automotive Logistics Porsche/Flextronics
    o    Assembly Planning and Sequencing for 25 million printer business Flextronics
    o    B2B Integration between HP and Flextronics, 50 million USD business
    o    Restructuring German SME with 200 employees, 40 million USD business
  • 15+ years experience in EMS industry, including Fortune 500 companies up to 30 billion USD.
  • Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehousing, NPI, MRPII, B2B, Cost Price Analysis and Restructuring.
  • Line of Business: Electronics, Automotive, Engineering
  • Project management of local and remote multi cultural teams

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