Interim Manager – Manufacturing Operations (Mr C.M.)

Business Picture Mr CM
Mr C.M.*, British Citizen, Location: Suzhou, China
Languages: English & Intermediate Mandarin

  • Highly competent General Manager / Operations Director and Legal Representative with extensive experience establishing from greenfield site to fully operational high tech manufacturing entities  for European and US owned PLC’s / Corporations in China.
  • P&L focused, culturally sensitive, collaborative leader encompassing an established network of beneficial relationships with Chinese government officials, regulatory bureaus and networks.
  • Process minded coach who leads and engages from the front with a preference for teaching and establishing C.I. and K.P.I. methodologies to achieve business objectives.
  • Recruits & coaches staff establishing full engagement business wide, hands on ‘Can do’ identifies improvement needs and delivers on the short and longer term objectives and needs of the business.
  • Develops Chinese Operational Management teams to become highly competent International managers in their own right significantly improving ‘sustainable’ competency throughout the organization.
  • Highly successful Leader used to specializing in complex product challenges for large MRP part / BOM count deliverables. 
  • Adept at organizational reform and restructuring as required to achieve objectives that require downsizing or competency change management.
  • An individual who will focus on your top line business objectives & challenges, establishing engagement, improving organizational competencies in a structured process way to improve your bottom line EBIT.
  • Previous contract completed several product transfers localizing parts saving 38% equivalent cost of manufacture from 4 different western Advanced Tech Business units and reducing O.H. burden / unit by c.65% enabling T.P. markup to drop from 35% to 16%.
  • Adept at configuring plants that are space challenged or require reformatting  to increase productivity per SqM by mentoring 3P, Lean, Single piece flow, call in scheduling etc. Previous contract I coached my teams to create free space birdseye and macro eventing area utilization saving an additional Manufacturing 22% (924SqM), Warehouse 25% (1,050SqM). Large free standing systems increased from 110 to 200+ output per year on a factory that was deemed to full to add additional NPI’s.
  • Quality Professional with strong process and Continual Improvement knowledge, turned the business into a sustainable metrics driven visual factory Visual standardizing processes across different product types, key achievements.

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