Project Manager – Technical Consulting / Project and Site Management (Mr R.F.)

Businessportrait Mr RF
Mr. R.F.*, German resident, living in Switzerland
Graduate Mechanical Engineer (Univ.) / Welding Engineer
Languages: German (native speaker), English (fluently), French (fluently), Chinese (starter)

  • Nearly 40 years of experience in Technical Consulting, Project and Site Management
  • Turn Key Projects in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, South Korea and China
  • Responsible for Project Budget from 2 to 30 Mio. €
  • Main Line of Business in automotive field, aircraft and conveyor systems
  • Great intercultural competence to lead internationally staffed teams
  • Above-average knowledge in neighboring fields e.g. control systems, IT, construction trade and business economics
  • High ability to adapt to new and complex challenges
  • High willingness to travel all over the world (except countries with high risk to health and life)

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