Interim Executive at C-Level - Integration & Transformation Management - Operations Management (Ms. CD)

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Ms. CD*: German, with wide international experience
Languages : English, German

Works with Business Leaders of medium-sized organizations on an international scale to achieve complex strategic change initiatives and to seize opportunities aligned with their strategy promise; allowing Senior Leaders to concentrate on delivering the daily business's targets with minimal disruption from the transformation itself.
Specializing in M&A integration and Business Transformation.


 Natural Scientist, Engineer, Manager, Project Manager, Coach

Core skills

  • Implementing strategic change initiatives designed to make a major impact on the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Driving the integration of major acquisitions or company mergers, delivering the business case the merger or acquisition had promised the shareholders.
  • Following-through change initiatives, focusing on practical processes and activities across units reducing complex material to understandable actions.
  • Injecting operations management skills, connecting the dots by managing, lecturing, coaching.

Selective Projects

Organization Development :
Business Co-Owner - medium-sized family-owned group of companies, re-privatization following the reunification of Germany; complex society transformation; reorganization; reconstruction : significant increase of production- and sales volume (95% within 8 years)
11+ years Program-, Project-, Outsourcing- and Alliance Management  :
small to large organizations, multinational projects, up to 6.500 stakeholder (~ 75 % repeat business)

Organization Development:

Chief Operating Officer – consolidation of 16 globally dispersed organizations into one global business (encompassed organizational structure incl. HR, IT structure, business intelligence, QA, vendor- & supplier-management, HR (resource allocation, talent development & business acumen], facilities)

Lecturing (Project Management & Strategy Implementation)
post graduate and course teaching at internationally recognized technical universities

Sector Experience
Life Science Industry (Pharma, Biotech, Research Organization) , Beverage Industry, Agribusiness, Non-Profit-Organization, Federal Agency

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