General manager in Asia / China – Foundation – Growth – Restructure (Mr. M.G.)

Mr. M. G.*, German national, living in Munich
Languages: Native German, English and French full professional, basics in Chinese and Spanish.

  • Executive manager in the industries of white goods, consumer products and mechanical and electromechanical industry for multi-nationals and SME. 7 years in Asia during the last 20 years as CEO and executive leader.
  • Set up and restructured companies with up to 1,200 employees for global players (€ 85m). Focusing on production, R&D, marketing & sales and product management.
  • Motivational leadership for Asians/Chinese through clear targets and personnel recognition. Guiding staff to high performance and loyalty to the company. Recruiting at all levels in the company with great success.
  • Established new companies, built-up new facilities and production from scratch, purchased industrial equipment and material.
  • Restructured existing company, turn-around management and set up new business model. Broad experience in negotiations in Asia.
  • Strong background and success in lean management, continuous improvement and company-wide process management.
  • Top-down approach, systematic elaboration of strategy together with concerned decision makers and then, hands-on realisation with high efficiency and high pace.
  • Worked in global headquarter functions, thus deep understanding of needs and requirements of the head quarter in terms of planning and reporting.
  • Strong back-ground in project management. Built-up PMO, lead global corporate projects (50m €), multi-project management, PMP certified.
  • Leading to growth with clear priorities and defined milestones, budgets and targets.

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