Experienced global leader with commercial mindset building focus and lasting structure in organisations (Mr. H.R.)

experiencedglobal mrhr
Mr. H.R.*, Worked and lived in Singapore for 9 years mainly in regional and global roles, PEP pass holder.

  • Experienced logistics, shipping and maritime leader with a solid international background and mindset having lived and worked in 8 different countries in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East during his career. 26 years of broad experience in country, regional and global roles. Currently Singapore based with a solid international network in the marine and shipping industry.
  • Sales management, CRM implementation, sales channel, key client management program and organisational design to change behaviour in large organisations (sales force under regional responsibility upto 85 employees and revenue upto USD 800M).
  • Strategy office management including strategy development at board level, execution, financial planning and management of large scale strategic initiatives in organisation of 3500 employees.
  • Starting up new business in Singapore (maritime industry) including relations with government entities and partial funding from MPA’s maritime cluster fund.
  • General management of country/region with full P&L responsibility (headcount upto 350 employees revenue USD 100M) including restructuring, start-up of green field offices and start-up with J/V partners.

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