Manager between Business and IT (Mr. J.B.)

Mr. J.B.*, German national, living in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
Languages: German (native), English

  • Innovative IT, Process and Cost Manager.
  • 20 years leadership, 12 years CEO and CIO of a consulting company with 7 colleagues and 10-20 freelancer, I also worked as account manager with profit and loss responsibility for an IT-Provider, quality manager, project manager for restructuring and it projects.
  • International restructuring projects for medium-sized and large companies with more than 5,000 employees in USA, Brazil, India, Turkey, Russia and Germany. With different results like 15-30 % cost reduction, implementing new organization and processes, strengthen the innovative power.
  • International IT development and implementation projects for overall more than 10 years in different roles and responsibilities such as developer, consultant and project manager.
  • Activity-based costing and quality management specialist.
  • Line of Business: Automotive, Supply Chain, IT, Transportation, public institutions and healthcare.

IT departments as well as overall companies at the moment face an exciting change process which is initiated by IT technologies like Cloud, Mobility and Industry 4.0.
Therefore, companies are forced to consolidate their organization, processes, and IT in order to sustain the ability to shape the future.

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