Sustainable Quality Improvement Manager (Dr. H.B.)

swiss drhb

Dr. H.B.*, Swiss citizen, living in Switzerland
Languages: German, Turkish, English, French

  • Ph. D in Chem. Eng. (ETH-Zürich); EOQ-Quality Systems Manager (EOQ = European Organization for Quality)
  • Analytical thinking, rapid problem-solving working manner and persistent tracking of achievements, leading to high customer satisfaction
  • Widespread industrial experiences (industrial yarns; metal wires; automotive suppliers; semi conductors; medical devices) of almost 30 years, 15+years in Quality Management
  • Introduction, implementation and maintenance of process orientated business model and ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO18001 and      ISO/TS 16949
  • Preparation and participation to important external audits (Customer, Certification); conduction of internal audits
  • Organization and conduction of internal courses, trainings, workshops in Quality Management and Lean Thinking
  • Successfully built, managed and motivated several cross-functional and international teams in Western Europe and relevant Asian countries.
  • As worldwide Quality Director, built up and developed the new global team, majority of production sites being in Asia; achieved global improvement and harmonization of processes.

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