Versatile Interim Manager - vast international and intercultural experience (Mr. P.B.)

Mr. P. B.*, Swiss and Argentin national, Switzerland Resident 
Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese
                  Italian: Spoken only

  • Lived and worked 8 intensive years in Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore).
  • Demonstrated capabilities as CEO in leading 3 “Distant Teams” across the Asian borders. (Sales and Services of large and complex equipment)
  • Charismatic people manager with recognised success in leading, coaching and supporting employees of all levels and qualifications.(SLOGAN: I act with and through people)
  • Proven track records in analysis, design and implementing restructuring concepts as well as in redirecting Business Models.
  • Verified success in continuous cost reduction and optimisation of work processes.
  • High assertiveness and yet Team Work oriented (“INTEGRATOR”).
  • Fast learning and flexible to changing working and living environments.
  • Willing to travel through Asia up to 50% of my time.
  • Variety of industries (All-rounder).

The following are meaningful project reports from our candidate, who will provide you with even more details about his abilities:

->Drastic performance improvement

->Reorientation of the Business Strategy

->Turnaround of an old family run company


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