Experienced Manager - Business Establishing and Business Development / Turn Around (Mr. D.H.)

experienced mrdh
Mr. D. H.*, German National, Resident in Hong Kong. 
Language: German, English, Mandarin (fluently)

  • 30 Years Experience in Middle East and South East Asia and specialized in China.
  • Commercially astute and highly skilled Senior Executive who specializes in establishing, developing and operating global businesses within highly competitive markets.
  • Competent strategist capable of delivering innovative plans and activities designed to facilitate enhanced operational performance and process improvement.
  • Possesses a strong track record of driving change, innovation and business improvement with extensive business start up, turnaround and transformation experience.
  • Achieving significant and sustainable bottom line improvement.
  • Widely regarded as a strong and supportive leader who thrives in challenging and highly pressurized environments.
  • Highlights:
    • Vietnam: Established Company for Corporate Head Office in Vietnam in 1994 with successfully establishing Profit Center for Staff of 45 and Annual 100 MIO EURO Turnover.
    • India: Acquisition of Electro Steel Company and put into Operation. Annual Turnover 100 MIO EURO.
    • HongKong: Established from Hong Kong for Nickel Alloy Producer the Business in China. Annual Turnover 40 MIO EURO.
      China: Turn-A-Round of nearly collapsed Marine Equipment Supplier company in China within 2 Years and developed Business with Annual Turnover of 20-30 MIO EURO. Handles 250 Shipyards within China.

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