Words are cheap. Deeds are precious (Mr AF)

Mr AF, German / English, lives in Vienna
Languages: German (native), Englisch (fluent in business and social)
Training languages: German, Englisch

AF doesn't waste time. He gets right to the point.
"One session with Andy made us 70 million!" These are the words of only one client.

For 25+ years Mr. AF has been an internationally recognized Performance Coach.

His extensive experience, with international and national companies, is comprehensive. He uses and implements new, successful systems that will work for you too.
Over the past two and a half decades AF has worked in 20 countries and helped more than 35,000 participants with coaching, training, and seminars.

His signature program specializes in building long-term and successful customer relationships. When done right increasing revenue with existing clients is a real goldmine for any business.

If this is your goal, executives on all levels have to create an ecosystem that drives customer value constantly - which most companies are lacking.
It requires charismatic leadership that will level employees above expectations and turns them into top performers.
Companies that make the shift have less problems, fewer crises, and above all, loyal customers with soaring revenues.
To achieve this, you need a professional partner.

Now AF jumps in. He will use proven systems and create new, successful ways to enable your business to grow beyond expectations.

Key competencies

  • B2B - Selling Skills
  • B2B - Sustainability
  • B2B/B2C - Services
  • B2B/B2C - Creating lasting business relationships
  • B2B - Keynote Maker for Top Management
  • B2B/B2C - Business Culture

Performance Coach for 25+ years | worked in 20+ countries | clients from all industries brought insight and avoids narrow mindedness.

… what else
"I love the beach, the oceans, and the sun. I like spending time sailing and keep my mind and body healthy. Living a sustainable life, in all walks of life is my foundation and source of energy."

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