China expert for business development, efficiency increase and innovation Analytical - Pragmatic - Efficient (Dr. JPF)

Mr. JPF *, German, lives in Germany
Languages: English business fluent, Chinese (Mandarin) communication - speaking, reading, writing

My experience

  • More than 20 years experience in a management positions, including more than 10 years as CEO
  • Business planning, budget planning, forecasts and liquidity planning
  • Project management (initialization, planning, project controlling)
  • Restructuring (processes and organization)
  • Sales development worldwide
  • Production planning (work and assembly processes)


  • Result orientation implementation in the shortest possible time
  • Systematic way of working
  • Holistic approach
  • Intercultural knowledge, especially China
  • Protecting the interests of all involved stakeholders

CEO, China expert, technology expert

  • Holistic, integrated and method-based management approach (business strategy, business organization, process organization, continuous improvement).
  • Industry-wide expertise such as mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, automation, semiconductor industry, renewable energy, autonomous vehicle guidance

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