German Interim Manager Mechanical Engineering “Asian Specialist” for organization build up & restructuration (Mr PS)

Portrait Mr PS
Mr. PS*, Nationality: German, living in Shanghai

Languages: German, English, French, Russian (Good Basic), Mandarin (Basic)

Professional Experience:
Master degree of Mechanical Engineering in Germany & more than 25 years experience in leading positions in the international automotive OEM & T1 business.
10 years Germany, 4 years France, 12 years until today Asia (China, SEA & Korea)

  • Strong intercultural leadership & social competences.
  • Long term experience in organization build up & restructuration.
  • Deep knowledge in localization of products & processes.
  • Extensive expertise in product development & development processes.
  • Professional in analysis & development of new markets.
  • Including creation and implementation of new business strategies.


  • Established & led organizations in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Philippines.
  • Setup & led a new company in China.
  • Reorganized & led an organization in China.
  • Headed the build up & the restructuration of an organization of 2000+ and 400 m€ in China.
  • Restructured and optimized a 600+ organization (85m€) in France.
  • Build up & further developed a R&D organization in Germany.

->The following is a meaningful project report from our candidate, who will provide you with even more details about his abilities.
Click for showcase with the title: Organization Build up in ASEAN
Click for showcase with the title: Restructuration of a business division in China

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*To secure the identity of our rent-a-manager candidates we use initials.

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