Global Strategist and ICT Industry Thought Leader, G2M Executive, NED and Entrepreneur (Dr. AL)

Portait Dr AL
Mrs. AL*, PhD and MA, magna cum laude, Psychology, Linguistics
German citizen, living in Germany (Bonn)
Languages (fluent): English, German, Russian, French, Croatian

  • 20+ years experience in building new businesses and improving top and bottom line with help of disruptive Internet technologies;
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and Mobile Expertise, including deep relationships to Silicon Valley and other global  innovation centres;
  • Built and sold two businesses to US Internet companies;
  • Established and developed innovation strategy for a US data business, including hiring of key personnel;
  • Consulted on building G2M division for a Chinese high-tech company, including identifying and enabling five major accounts leading to revenues of 1.2 bn EUR;
  • Grew EU top line 35% for an international semiconductor company, including developing and implementing its brand strategy;
  • Led expansion in Eastern European markets and Turkey;
  • Spearheaded key divestitures and restructured captive VC portfolio for an international telco operator;

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