Specialist for installations with steel- and stainless steel constructions (Mr H-J. G.)

Businessportrait Mr HJ G
Mr. H-J. G. , German national, living in Hong Kong
Language skills: English full professional, Mandarin grounding, Cantonese grounding

Working experience and responsibilities
•    Over 40 years of work experience in the field of mechanical engineering, development of production lines, construction and steel construction.
•    Huge experience with cultural work in several countries like Europe, and last five years in Asia
•    Able to work and teach with the conventional production machines
•    Worked in variously companies with different professional orientation
•    Understands the culture and the people to pick them up on their knowledge and lead back them to understand their work.
•    Supports companies, solving their problems implement production lines or renew their plants.
•    Leading people in difficult situation, pick them up and take the challenge to solve the existing problem with a good solution.
•    Clear commands and honest leading to restructure the production line in an effective working place.
•    Good hands on mentality for work.

Working experience in companies

Drive and Automation Systems: € 2,5 Mio. Responsible for 46 people (office and production)
I was responsible for the for process planning complete factory, with all the departments in, production, quality control, repair shop, shipping department, claim management and sales support for Shanghai. New production lines were built in Germany and implemented in China. Also, I oversaw the improvement of existing material flows and created the prototypes. Additionally, I did push qualification based on the German standards and in cooperation with the German head office. I organise the delivery of parts from China/Germany to the construction site. I support the sales department, dealing with European and Asian customers.

Marine Containers logistics and energy equipment: turnover 50 US $ temporarily lead the teams abroad
I was responsible for all oversea projects. This includes building teams (size most 30 worker) onsite, find out some way`s to finalise the implementations process creating a team, organising the work onsite, preparing all necessary documents as well as supervising hoisting and all additional work. Involved in the complaint process for to find creative solutions after visiting the site and taking care of all open issues, my function was that of site manager and customer coordinator.

Lightning & Access Specialist: turnover 3 Mio. €, temporarily lead teams abroad
My responsibility was the overview of pre -assembled products supervise and final installing in the customers production floor. This means I had to work with a fixed budget, which had to cover my flights, the assembling team, and the material onsite. I made my drawings and had all the additional material send to the customer. At the customer, I installed the system and bring them to run. I also did after sale support, in case of any irregularities or problems. I was responsible until the customer gave his approval after commissioning.

Automobil safety systems: Turnover 5,5 € Mio. Company team 10 ppl.
I was in charge as a industrial engineer of the entire relocation for an Airbag production line, transforming a manual line from Mexico into an automated line in Germany. My responsibilities included layout, capacity planning, quantity planning, technical feasibility, regularly supplier visiting and testing the machine equipment. Searching for a potential supplier with the necessary power to bring the line to run. All negotiation to purchase the line.

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