CTO – tenacious technology management in light and energy - innovation, turnaround, IP and quality (Dr. R.L.)

Portrait Dr RL

Dr. R. L.*,German Nationality, living in Munich area, Germany, available worldwide
Language: German (native), English (proficient), Japanese, Spanish (basic knowledge)

Hands-on, persistent, visionary, motivating executive, with start-up socialization and strong background Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin is ready to

  • Identify IP and shape your USPs
  • Adapt product portfolios for actual markets: business planning
  • Innovate and implement manufacturing processes like molding, embossing diffractive elements greater than 1-m², lamination; automation, projects 20 – 20,000,000 EUR.
  • Improve tooling and materials: plastic/silicone, glass, metal
  • Guide with norms and tolerance budgets
  • Improve partnering and information streams from back-end to front-end (internet of things)
  • Take on leadership, mediate, embed actions into corporate culture

->The following is a meaningful project report from our candidate, who will provide you with even more details about his abilities.

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Mailto: request@rent-a-manager.com   we will provide the detailed manager profile with the daily rate. Do you wish a personal consultation or do you need help? We call you back.

*To secure the identity of our rent-a-manager candidates we use initials.

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