Manager Global Companies/Business Units (Mr WB)

Businessportrait Mr WB
Mr W.B.*, Dual citizenship US/Germany, living in the US (New York State)
Language: German, English, French (Professional working proficiency), Italian (Limited working proficiency), Latin (9 years in school, Magnum Latinum)

  • 30+ years global automotive industry experience; 3 years experience in energy/power generation
  • 15+ years of Senior Management experience as General Manager of global business units up        to $750M/a revenue and up to 2000 employees in 10+ locations globally
  • Management experience ranges from start-ups (CEO) to big, global companies (General Manager Business unit)
  • Lead substantial growth in revenues for global business units doubling sales within 5 years ($350M/a to $700M/a) at better profitability through organic growth, new product segments, alliances and M&A activities
  • Lead activities to establish subsidiaries in Korea, China, India, Poland & Russia
  • Lead the acquisition of a company with €150M/a sales and 12 facilities globally
  • Raised $32M in funds for a start-up company
  • Board experience in companies with revenue up to $1B/a as Board Member and Chairman of the Board
  • Working experience in Engineering, Sales, Business Development, Operations and General Management
  • Working experience in Germany, USA (New York State, California) and UK

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