Manager - Business Development and Operations (Mr E.B.)

Mr. E. B.*, German national, focused on China and Asia
Language: German, English

  • 30 years experience in Logistics, SCM, Retail Operations, Production Systems.
  • Leading of operational units up to 3,000 employees.
  • Leading of massive programs and projects up to 500 internal and external employees.
  • Responsible for investments and budgets greater €200 Mio.
  • Leading of engagements (and disengagements) of companies (mergers).
  • Development of sales volume from 50 Mio. to $500 Mio. in 5 years.
  • Develop cost reductions in logistics and purchase prices by greater 30%.
  • Development of highly competitive and service-driven logistics systems.
  • Business credo: „what you plan, you implement, you operate“. Always dual leadership: operations and projects.

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