Creative Manager - General / Start-Up / Organization

Mr. R.H


Manager (Interim CFO in China )




German (mother tongue), English (professional), Bahasa + Malay (familiar), Spanish + French (basis)


  • Professional and functional roles with MNCs in Switzerland, Austria and Indonesia with 100 million Euro and more sales
  • 20 years of experience in sales, B2B, business development and project management in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • Experienced in the development and professionalization of processes and structures in various industries to maximize efficiency
  • Increase in turnover within 2 years in the near by 100% (CHF 3.0 million) through the restructuring of the sales and marketing strategy
  • Professional leadership, promotion, development and training of teams up to 40 people at all organizational levels and different cultures
  • Leading and senior positions in projects up to USD 120 million in the food and construction industry
  • Solid and detailed experience in the formation of companies and sales structures in SEA and Middle East


  • Professional communication, strong analytical and problem-solving skills and a high degree of intercultural competence
  • Proven ability to plan tasks, to realize projects efficiently and to reach them exactly to the point
  • Industry: Construction, wood industry, food processing, metalworking, electronics

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